The Hub of the Miracle

The Hub of the Miracle (2006) - Sallie Bingham

Sallie Bingham’s poems seek, always, to connect. The events of ordinary life–walking in the woods around Santa Fe, lighting a fire in a stove–merge with the crises of maturity: death and other losses. Always, the tonic is hope–the hope that springs from a stone, a stream, or a memory of childhood. These short lyrics provide inspiration for all travelers on the path. Sallie Bingham began writing poetry as a child. Her first verses, dictated to her mother, were sent to her father who was serving overseas during World War 11. Discouraged from becoming a poet by the attitude then prevailing at writing classes at Harvard, she has finally returned to her first love.

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Written by:
Date published: 2006
Published by: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 9780865344808
Pages: 102
Binding(s): Paperback
Price: $ 16.95

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