The Blue Box: Three Lives In Letters

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“In the modern world of emails, Skype and a decided lack of handwritten correspondence, Bingham's box of documents traverses time, offering insights into a world of women who knew their own minds long before the word feminist was ever considered.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The heart and soul of my book lies in the vibrant silences I heard between the lines, silences that trans­lated them­selves into words as I wrote. The Blue Box does not share the soft glow that soft­ens the details of so many fam­ily his­to­ries; its light approaches a glare. For, when I chose to write about upper-white women in Virginia, I knew I was mak­ing a choice in many ways alien for me; I have always been more inter­ested in the lives of the peo­ple, largely women, who accord­ing to our cul­ture do not count.”

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